Moon Days 2018



Ashtanga yoga practitioners traditionally take a day of rest on the New and Full Moon days.  These days are observed at AYM and there is no Mysore session or Led Classes on these days.  As follows is a list of the anticipated New and *Full Moon days that we will be observing.

Here is a link to Eddie Sterns response on Moon days and some more information from Tim Miller on the subject.  The days observed in CA may vary from the East Coast.

2018 Moon Days

  • June  13th new/28th full
  • July 12th new/27th full
  • August 11th new/26th full
  • September 9th new/24th full
  • October 8th new/24th full
  • November 7th new/23rd full
  • December 7th new/22nd full