Sweet 16!

3E1B4059If I have not said it already, Happy New Year and everyone seems to be saying Happy Sweet 16!  Makes it fun and gives a different spin on the year.  It can be sweet, innocent and FUN.  We have a ton of great workshops lined up for 2016 and I am personally very excited to host such awesome and inspiring individuals starting with Day Christensen in April.  Some of you have met certain teachers and some are new to our lineup.  I am always very excited for these authorized and certified teachers to meet the dedicated group of Ashtangis at AYM.  Practice makes practice and all are welcome at these events.

Recently back from India are myself, Deb, Michelle Pitzer and Nancy Witters.  Michelle & I were practicing in Mysore with Sharath where we were inspired and challenged.  It was my third trip and starting to feel like home and showing Michelle around for her first trip was a rewarding experience.  From cultural to the dress and the animals and the scootering it was eye opening and enlightening at the same time.   Nancy Witters was in Pune which is the home of Iyengar yoga.  She was practicing and studying with her teachers there at the institute and this was her second trip.  Never long enough and planning to return for all of us.  In the meantime, we all are back at the AYM studio and look forward to sharing the knowledge that is becoming deeply rooted in our bones.

Nancy teaches every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:30 pm.  You are welcome to come on board with a package or drop in is always welcome.


Lastly, I want to sincerely thanks everyone for the support of the subs and the programs and AYM.  The Shala is a place that is there for you and we hope that you will make it your home for practicing and coming together.  I had a recent awareness  that what we do every day is so much more rewarding, fun and warm when we come together.  Also I am in awe of this beautiful diverse group of people and know that you inspire me!

Namaste from the bottom of my heart!