Class Descriptions

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The Practice
Ashtanga yoga is a vinyasa breathing system with every movement linked with the breath. It is taught in a sequence with focus on breath, the asana and bandhas which are internal locks and the drishti or the gazing point. This is is commonly referred to as a Trishtana method with focus on those three main points.

Mysore Sessions
Mysore style originated in Mysore, India from the teachings of the lineage. This is the traditional method for learning Ashtanga yoga and is much like a one on one experience with the teacher as your guide.  In these sessions a relationship is built with your teacher and energy is shared between a mix of yoga practitioners at various levels. It is inspiring, challenging and fun. No prior yoga experience is necessary, only a commitment to grow and learn in the practice.  It is best to be consistent so that you can learn the sequence.   Beginners and those new to the sequence are welcome to start anytime and in any Mysore session.

Full Led Primary Series
Traditional led classes will focus on the Trishtana; breath, asana and the drishti. Focus is on the proper vinyasa and matching the movements with the breath.  Some experience with Ashtanga is helpful but not required.  All levels are encouraged to participate and modifications are recommended for those new to the sequence.